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GP Partners Australia on behalf of SA Health offer a range of complimentary CPD training events for General Practitioners which are fully accredited by the RACGP and held in metropolitan and peri-urban Adelaide. These CPD trainings are available in the areas of Palliative Shared Care and Obstetric Shared Care. Please see below for the full list of upcoming events.

GP Palliative Shared Care CPD Event: Understanding the Role of Radiation Therapy in Palliative Care (Including Site Tour)

Wednesday 5th June 2019, 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Learning Outcomes: At the completion of the seminar, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe specific approaches to the use of radiation therapy for palliative care in patients with cancer
  2. Anticipate potential future problems and side effects for patients receiving radiation therapy to enhance patient safety
  3. Discuss newer technologies used in radiation therapy such as SABR (Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiation Therapy) and SRS (Stereotactic Radiosurgery)
  4. Review common scenarios seen by General Practitioners, including patients that may benefit from urgent referral, and the potential role of radiation therapy

Complimentary Light Dinner Provided 

4 QI&CPD Points (Category 2) – Free CPD Activity


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GP Palliative Shared Care CPD Event: Orientation Seminar

Saturday 18th May 2019, 8.30 am - 4 pm

Presented by PSC GP Advisors, Palliative Medicine Specialists, Pharmacist and Others.

Learning Outcomes – at the end of the seminar, GPs will be able to:

  • Implement the GP PSC program to provide palliative care, in collaboration with Specialist Palliative Care Services, for patients in a community setting.
  • Describe the components of GP care planning and review of patients receiving GP Palliative Shared Care.
  • Assess and manage physical symptoms and psychosocial needs of adults with a life limiting illness or who are dying.
  • Confidently discuss Advanced Care Directives and Clinical Planning for End of Life to enhance the safety and quality of patient care.
  • Describe the clinical management and considerations for patients during the terminal phase, and following death, in community settings.

Complimentary Morning Tea & Lunch provided 

40 QI&CPD Points (Category 1) – Free CPD Activity

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GP Obstetric Shared Care CPD Event: The Fertility Conversation

Tuesday 9th April 2019, 5.30 pm - 8.30 pm

Learning Outcomes – at the end of the session GPs will be able to:

  • Recognise the complex symptomatology of reproductive health conditions and implement best management practices
  • Develop a practical approach for the couple with reproductive health concerns, avoiding over investigation and over diagnosis without compromising patient safety
  • Implement a care path for couples who have had 2 or more miscarriages, investigate, support and refer appropriately
  • Explain the role obesity plays in fertility and pregnancy problems and encourage women to lose weight prior to conception

Complimentary light dinner provided 

4 QI&CPD Points (Category 2) – Free CPD Activity

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GP Obstetric Shared Care CPD Event: Clinical Accreditation Seminar

Saturday 23rd March 2019, 8.30 am - 3.30 pm

Free Category 1 CPD Event (40 Points)

Complimentary Morning Tea & Light Lunch


Currently this seminar is at full capacity.                                                      Please email lmarch@gppaustralia.org.au or npointon@gppaustralia.org.au to be placed on our waiting list if any places become available.

End of Life Care Essentials Online Module

Available Now

End-of-Life care is a significant role of GPs with many patients facing a progressive life limiting illness choosing to be cared for and, if possible, to die at home.

These online End-of-Life Care modules, produced by GP Partners Australia, aim to build the capacity and skills of GPs in caring for adults with a progressive life limiting illness and provides a framework for patient ‘shared-care’ with Specialist Palliative Care Services in metropolitan and peri-urban Adelaide to assist in addressing this.

This course is provided free of charge to all Registrars and General Practitioners.
Approved for 4 RACGP QI&CPD points in the 2017-19 triennium.

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Palliative Shared Care Podcast featuring Professor Hugh Grantham

Available Now

Presented by Professor. Hugh Grantham, Professor of Paramedics, Flinders University and Senior Medical Practitioner, South Australian Ambulance Service, Adelaide, South Australia.
All of our podcasts will be chaired by a GP Palliative Shared Care Program Advisor.

Conversations involving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at the end of life can be extremely difficult. The chance of survival following cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in adults is between 5-20% depending on the circumstances. Although CPR can be attempted on anyone, there comes a time for some people when it is not in their best interests to do this. It may then be appropriate for a GP to consider a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order to enable the person to die with dignity. This podcast will explore this process to ensure the best decision is made for the client and family.

• Discuss Advanced Care Directives and Clinical Planning for End of Life to enhance   the safety and quality of patient care
• Review the Australian Resuscitation Council’s policy on resuscitation.
• Assess and manage scenarios when General Practitioners should not attempt any resuscitation.

Online - details coming soon
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Palliative Symptom Management Podcast Series

Available Now

Presented by Dr Laurie Palmer Clinical Palliative Specialist, along with Palliative Shared Care GP Advisor Dr  Russell Shute. This series will include 3 podcasts covering areas surrounding palliative care and symptom management.

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